Exciting Announcement...

If you weren’t able to tune into our live stream on Facebook earlier today you would’ve missed our announcement!!

I’ve been so excited to announce this to everyone for the past few weeks – although this has been my dream for a couple of years now and the planning has been in place for about 4 months now. That moment I realised I can make my dream a reality was just unbelievable – I felt so elated, so lucky, so empowered!

So yes, Bodhi Studio will be adding a zero-waste bulk whole foods store to its shop-front!!!

What does this mean exactly?

All of the products in our store will be free of plastic! You serve yourself to the whole foods and take it away in a brown paper bag. You get as much or as little that suits you. With time we will introduce bringing in your own jar/container (sorry the logistics of this can be hard weighing wise – this is my top priority).

Our personal care products are sold in either glass or paper or cardboard – a more sustainable choice than plastic – please make sure you dispose responsibly.


We will be stocking:

- Nuts

- Seeds

- Flours

- Whole grains

- Legumes

- Herbs/spices

- Herbal tea

- Oils

- Syrups

- “Superfoods”

- Shampoo/Conditioner

- Moisturiser

- Razors

We will be starting with over 120 different products to help you on your zero-waste journey.


What makes this even better is that as we are buying our products in bulk with no packaging, we save a lot of dollars, which will be passed onto you! Making organic whole foods more accessible to more of you!

Now you can make those bliss balls, gluten free loaves or nut slices at a fraction of the cost!

Which means, more nutrients, less expense and so much LESS waste!

SAVING YOU TIME(if you want it)

I’ll be implementing a click and collect type system for those who are time poor! You’ll be either able to order on-line, text, email or call through an order and we’ll have it packed and ready to go at the designated time! Woohoo

Stay tuned for those details!

But of course, I’d love you to spend as much time as you’d like browsing and choosing your delicious, fresh, waste free food.


We will bring a rewards program to everyone. Bringing more chances to save and even bigger reasons to look after the planet and your own body! (yep remember plastic causes havoc in our bodies!)

Let us get the store up and running and then loyalty rewards will be up and running ASAP.


Why you? Because we want your feedback… what else would you like to see in the store, any other ideas. We are open and always listening. Whatever you like we’ll try to endeavour to find it and stock it! Our mission to continually add more and more products.


All will be staying the same with yoga, classes will run as normal, just the entry to the store will be different, we are endeavouring to keep your experience as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Just be aware as we will be some renovations things may be a little messy until all is finished.


Naturopathy appointments will decrease, although I will endeavour to continue to see my current clients as easily as I can. Late appointments will only be available once per month, although this may change. I have not finalised how my naturopathy appointments will work just yet so stay tuned and I'll keep you updated.

I can't wait to share nutrient dense whole foods with zero plastic! I'm so lucky to add all my passions into one place, giving all of you one a stop shop for health and well-being.

If there is anything you have questions about please contact me! I'm happy to answer.

With love,


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